Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Just out of reach, the allure of the unknown

Are explorers born with the innate desire to discover? Or is this a learned trait, developed over time? Will geneticists claim that there is a mutated gene that causes this uncontrollable curiosity in a select few, that it is a predisposition only for those whose chromosomal structures are just slightly askew? I happen to believe that the majority of us are born wide eyed, questioning, and primed for adventure. Ready to solve life's mysteries and explore what's just around the bend, no questions asked. However, some of us seem to lose that propensity somewhere along the way. It may take some daily affirmations, some discipline on the part of distracted adults, but it would behoove all of us to reconnect with our inner explorer.
This past Monday I found myself witnessing the draw that the unknown has on my children. It was contagious! We were meandering along wooded trails, peering over steep embankments, discovering new routes to old places. When we finally came to the river, one of the many cool, clear aquatic gems that Vermont offers, (our list of favorite rivers is extensive) we were ready to hop in. We would stay in one spot for a bit, until the thought of what was just downstream, what was just around the riverbend would overwhelm my two boys. We'd find a new spot, but it was never enough. The river would be just a little too wide or a little too swift to cross in some spots, but their eyes would always gaze & settle on the opposite shore. "I wonder what's over there?" was the quote of the day. And this went on until we had gone full circle & returned to the spot where we had begun. We felt refreshed, renewed, invigorated. Certain in the knowledge that there are still places to be explored, mysteries to be solved, new terrain to be mapped, and natural treasures to be discovered......

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  1. Hopefully you will share some of your favorite rivers? Where were these photos taken? Huntington? Keep writing. I love it!